The ACF and our local Chefs de Cuisine chapter sponsors several events require substantial amounts of money. On a national level, the ACF sponsors culinary teams competing in world competitions as well as efforts to address malnutrition and hunger in the US and foreign countres.

Case in point, ACF Culinary Team USA represented the United States at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg last November (2011) and will be traveling to Urfurt, Germany in the fall of 2012 to compete in the 2012 International Culinary Art Exhibition (the World Culinary Olympics). Two St. Louis Chefs de Cuisine members, Chefs Ben Grupe and Kevin Storm are on the 7 member team. Our Chefs de Cuisine chapter and the Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation are committed to raising funds to help defray the expenses of ACF CUlinary Team USA. But you can help, too, with your individual contributions! Simply, click on the link below, which will take you to our "catalog" (yeah, it is kind of clunky) that will allow you to make a donation via credit card  to the Education Foundation. Your contribution is tax-deductable, to the full extent of the law.



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ACF Culinary Team USA

Now Being Accepted

As you might expect, putting together a national, highly competitive culinary team and sending them to Luxembourg and Germany is quite expensive.

You can help out!

Support ACF Culinary Team USA today by making a donation to
the Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation by clicking here.

You can also help out by spreading the word to friends, co-workers, and customers and asking them to donate. Tell them to go to and click on the FUNDRAISING link.

Thanks for your support!

Philippine Food Bank Needs Your Help!

The national Chef & Child Foundation is sponsoring an effort to support a food bank in Mindanao, Philippines to turn around the malnutrition in children there.

Chef David Wasson, CCC, CCE, a chef, caterer, and teacher in Seattle, Washington, retired in 2008, looking for a quiet and peaceful end to his life. After moving to Mindanao, which is considered dangerous even by Filipino standards, he was invited to a “Thanksgiving” celebration at Purok Garciaville, where he was struck by the extremely low weight of the children. Although the children were happy, clean, mostly well dressed and not usually “looking” distressed, it is when you realize their age that you see how bad their condition is. He sees, for example, children 2 years old that don’t weigh 11 pounds and a 10 year old girl who is barely 35 pounds.

Most families have very limited incomes and raise up to nine children. It is apparent that the children have homes and loving parents, but little money for food, especially nutritious food.

Assisted by the Purok Health Care workers in procuring food and cooking over open fires, and using his monthly teacher’s pension of $350, Chef Wasson started feeding 250 kids every other week. He quickly realized that for the children to gain and maintain a healthy weight, these children must eat healthy everyday!

He started researching malnutrition and its effects on children, and statistical information on malnutrition in the Philippines. For every 100 children in the Philippines, 25 are malnourished, 26 are chronically malnourished, and 5 are “wasted”. So he approached the Purok leaders and proposed setting up a food bank. They donated a building and Chef Wasson spent about $300 to remodel it. The Tagum City Food Bank opened on July 23rd 2010.

The local Tagum City Rotary (not affiliated with the Rotary Clubs we have in the States) opened a bank account and set up a system through which donations can be made to the Food Bank via PayPal or credit card donations. For funds to be withdrawn from the Food Bank account, the signatures of both David Wasson and the Rotary’s treasurer are required.

Children most in need will be given a Food Bank Card, allowing them to 5 kilos of rice and some canned foods each week. David estimates that they need at least 500 kilos of rice each week to make a serious impact on the children’s nutrition and weight.

The ACF and the national Chef & Child Foundation support this initiative and are asking individual ACF members to consider helping out by making a donation to this cause, via the Tagum City Food Bank’s website: EVERY penny you donate goes to buy fortified rice and other foods. 100% There are no administrative costs, and if there are other costs (like a padlock for the door), David pays for those from his own pocket.

For more information, please visit the Tagum City Food Bank’s website or Chef Wassan’s Facebook page.

Photos: Courtesy Chef David Wasson

The boy pictured below is 1 year old.

When Chef Wasson’s meager monthly pension did not cover the costs of feeding all the children in need in Mindanao, he sent a plea to the national ACF for a donation of $2,000 to feed 75 children for 6 months, until the local government would grant approval for funding to be made available. Three chefs stepped up and raised $1,500 in 10 days, as it would have taken too long to follow ACF’s formal procedures needed to release that amount of money in time to help.

At the same time, the ACF Chef & Child Foundation had begun to think about ways to extend its mission beyond U.S. borders to address the world-wide need of nutritional education for all children. The ACF Chef & Child Foundation decided to appoint Chef Wasson as their first official ACF Chef & Child Ambassador to another country. With this appointment and the $1,500 contribution, Chef Wasson was able to start up his food bank, officially named as “The American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Food Bank” of Tatum City, Mindanao, Philippines.

The ACF Chef & Child Foundation continues to seek ways that Chef Wasson can receive funding quickly and has requested that local ACF chapters suggest ways that all chapters could participate. At February’s board meeting, our Chef’s de Cuisine chapter adopted two mechanisms for raising funds:

  • Place a collection jar at the registration table of Chefs de Cuisine monthly meetings to accept voluntary, small change donations from members. Chef D’Aun Carrell will manage donations and forward them on to the national Chef & Child Foundation.
  • Create a mechanism on the Chefs de Cuisine website to allow members to make voluntary donations to the Food Bank.

The monetary need right now is small as all funding goes to buy food to supply the ACF Chef & Child Food Bank. Two dollars will feed one child for a week.

The local Mindanao government supplies trained health workers to monitor the children’s progress, location and building upkeep and equipment. No salaries are paid from ACF funding or member donations. Chef Wasson keeps very exact records of expenditures and posts reports about 3 times a year on the FacePage.

There are also plans to join the Food Bank with Doctors Without Borders, so a that a clinic can be associated with it. Grants are being looked into from several organizations and other partnerships.