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The ACF Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis, Inc. is a non-profit organization of culinary professionals dedicated to furthering the education, certification and camaraderie within our culinary community, and responding to the social and nutritional needs of our community at large.



Bios of Candidates
Running for Office

It is almost time to vote for new chapter officers and jiunio officers. We have an exciting slate of candidates. Chapter officers will serve for 2 years (2016 - 2017) while junior officers will serve for 1 year (2016).

 Ballots will be mailed to all professional and junior members in early October.

Candidates for Chapter Officers


Tony Haacke

I’m running for president of the St. Louis Chefs de Cuisine. I have spent many years in this chapter from the early days of being an apprentice to the days now of being an executive chef. Within, the association I have been very active in many different fundraising events. Being on, and coaching junior competition teams. Also, being on and serving on many different committee positions of the board. I am also an approved judge through the American Culinary Federation. I am currently the chef at Racquet Club- St. Louis, but I have been employed at many different clubs, restaurants, hotels, and schools in the area. These include Old Warson Country Club, Bellerive Country Club, Busch’s Grove, Marriott West, Forest Park Community College, and Le’ Cole Culinaire.

My Plans Include:

  • Re-establishing what the Chef de Cuisine Association was founded on “Furthering the education, certification, and comradery within our culinary community” and “Focuses on assisting the culinary education and certification of professional cooks and chefs.” I think our Association meetings have become more a social gathering than centered on education. Our meetings should be a forum for exchanging current food trends and discussing best practices of food establishes and chefs. Additionally there is the need to schedule relevant speakers that will provide informative and stimulating topics.
  • Establish a committee to research and highlight in book form the history of the Chef de Cuisine Association – St. Louis. Included in the book there should be recipes solicited from the many Chefs of the Association which then can be sold to raise money for the Association.
  • Identify industry related vendors that we don’t have relations with and attempt to partner with them.
  • Perform a financial study to determine if the hiring of a professional manager/book keeper for the Association is feasible. The manager would maintain the Associations web site, send out meeting notices, assist Treasurer with the accounting of the Association and other tasks to that there is a central governing body.
  • Reach out to members of our Association that are not active and culinarians that have not joined. Ask for several volunteers to make phone calls and personally invite non active members to attend meetings or ask for their involvement with the various committees. More importantly find out why they are not attending meetings to identify if the Association can do a better job of providing services or educational offerings that will attract more attendees.
  • Appoint an apprentice cook and form an Apprentice Committee whereby that individual represents a voice for all the apprentices. Perhaps have them speak at the culinary schools to recruit apprentices to join the Association.


Vice - President

Dan Holtgrave


  • I’ve been involved with the chapter since 2002. During that time I’ve competed on a junior level with the chapter team and competed on a professional level.
  • I’m a certified Executive Chef
  • I’ve held the position of Executive Chef at Old Warson Country Club for the past six and a half years.
  • Before that I worked at Old Warson for six years under Aidan Murphy C.M.C . Working my way through his kitchen.
  • I was the 2014 chef of the year for our chapter



  • I plan on focusing on food, culture,  membership, and community
  • Although if elected I know I would be new to the board, but now new to the chapter. I will do my best to keep the strong standings of the chapter with the not only with the ACF but with the members and our community that has graciously built us. I plan to give the upmost support to our president, and the board. I believe this chapter has so much more potential, and untapped resources, that with the right team we can sustain/grow our chapter to the next level, and I would be excited to be a part of that.  
  • For all the chapter has done for me I like many feel its time to give back.  


Thank you
Dan Holtgrave C.E.C.
Executive Chef Old Warson Country Club


Lute Cain

No bio submitted as yet.


Stephan Schubert


  • I have been a member of the ACF since 2004 and over the last several years have become more active within the organization and look forward to many more years to come.
  • In 2014 I competed in the Regional and National ACF Pastry Chef of the Year competitions and won both.
  • I am currently preparing to represent the USA and the ACF in Ecuador in the Global Pastry Challenge.
  • Currently, I am the Executive Pastry Chef at River City Casino where, for the last six years, I have overseen the day to day Bakery operations for the property with a staff of 10 pastry chefs.
  • I have more than 27 years of experience in all areas of the F&B industry and have worked all over the world and the United States.
  • In 2002 I relocated to St. Charles, Mo to open Ameristar Casino; where I worked for eight years before joining Pinnacle Entertainment as their Regional Pastry Chef for St. Louis.


  • As Treasurer, I would carefully oversee the incoming and outgoing of funds to insure that the organization is maintaining a solid financial responsibility.
  • I believe that with my years of experience in balancing a multi-million dollar food and beverage operation I will be able to assist the organization in its continued growth.
  • I would like to give back to the organization that has been such a strong supporter to not only myself, but to hundreds of other chefs over the years. While I realize that I will be a new member to the Board, I look forward to working with our new officers and members in order to continue to build our Chapter.

Stephan Schubert
Executive Pastry Chef, River City Casino

Rod Laurentius

Having been a member of this chapter since 1996 and benefitting from everything that is has to offer, I feel compelled to serve the chapter and help give back.  This chapter has helped not only myself, but also countless other culinarians and I am committed to ensure its continued success.  I am asking for your vote as treasure of this organization as I feel that I have shown great commitment to not only this chapter, but also the industry as a whole.  

I am currently the Executive Chef of Sunset Country Club, a position I have held for over 6 years.  In addition to my duties at Sunset, I also am also currently on the board in the capacity of competitions and certification co-chair.  Prior to that position, I was co-coach of the Student Culinary Team for 3 years, amassing 3 state and one regional title. I have also hosted the AAC Dinner in 2012, and have participated in countless chapter fundraisers, dinners, and events.  I am also the current Chef of the Year.  

I am running for treasurer because I feel I possess the qualities needed to maintain fiscal accountability for our members.  In my personal life, I am the de-facto book keeper for my wife’s floral business, as well as a couple of rental properties.  This has given me the opportunity to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of financial book keeping- developing spreadsheets, compiling financial reports, navigating financial software programs, and filing taxes.  These are important facets of being treasurer, and I feel that I can use these skills to help contribute to the chapters continued success.

Thank you for your time,
Rod Laurentius CEC CCA    

Joe Gardner

No bio submitted as yet.

Candidates for Junior Officers

Junior President

John Morales

I have been working at the Gatesworth with Exec Chef Bryan Hardy since 2007 to-date. I have been a part of the ACF and Chef De Cuisine St Louis since 2014 and have participated and a lot of chapter activities such as Mardi Gras, Purveyors Picnic and many more. I also have competed as a junior twice and this upcoming fall will be my third one. I will be competing as Professional next spring.

My plan as an Junior President is to reach out to other culinarians and introduce all the good things ACF and CDC St Louis has to offer and to get more culinary students to be involved because ACF and CDC has been really helpful to me and my career and I'm hoping that it will help others as well.

As a new Junior President i will keep make sure that every upcoming events will be passed along to every student culinarians in and out of the ACF community. I am also wanting to introduce our junior board to culinary schools around St Louis if possible to get students to feel comfortable and feel welcomed in our chapter.

Personally, my short term goal is to get certified as a Sous Chef in the upcoming spring and my long term goal to become an owner of my very own fine dining restaurant.

 Junior Vice - President

Shayne McCrady


  • I’ve been involved with the chapter since 2013. During that time I’ve helped out at several acf events from meetings to conventions
  • I am currently employed at The Gateswroth training under Chef Brian Hardy.
  • I will be also finishing up school this fall at Forest Park, completing my CC and CPC.
  • Also training for my first hot food completion this Fall.



  • I plan on focusing on Members, New foods, and the community
  • I may be new to the board, but ill give the chapter all I have to offer. Just as the chapter has given me. The President will receive my full support and assistance. Together we will make a good team to grow our chapter.

Thank you for all the ACF has Done for me.
Thank you.
Shayne McCrady


Junior Secretary

Robert Babione

My plunge into Forest Park's culinary arts program is a post-retirement adventure. I will graduate in December, 2015. My classes have been challenging, bringing me to understand and appreciate how classic skills and modern technology bring nutrition and pleasure of the table.

Exposure to molecular gastronomy and chef Ferran Adrià's work led me think that today's technology could be used to provide wholesome food to more people. Technology and the culinary arts can be about reasonably priced, nutritious food.

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Chefs de Cuisine Fall Competition

Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd & 4th, 2015

Attention competitors

Save the date, October 3rd and 4th, for our annual fall culinary salon. We are offering a couple of new categories this year:

The two man mystery is back!  This is category F5. The rules can be found in the ACF Culinary Competition Manual (click here to download). In a nutshell it is a 2 man, 4 course, 10 portion mystery basket. It has been several years since we hosted a mystery basket competition, and if you haven’t competed in one, now is your chance. Pick your buddy, and start practicing.

Who is the greenest of chef of the all? There is a brand new category, KG (for green). This really is a neat concept and looks to be both challenging and fun. Again the rules can be found here (click here to download), but it is best described as a hybrid of a category K and mystery basket, with the ingredients being locally or sustainably produced.

In addition to these two categories, we will also be offering cold food categories A,B,C,D as well as a student categories SA, SB, SC, SD, SK1-9, and SP1, SP2n (click here to download Student Manual).

Entrance fees are:

  • F5 - $350
  • K’s and cold food - $100


These are ACF sanctioned competitions and medals will be presented.

It is rumored that prize money will be available as well…more details to come.

Click here to download the registration form. Click here to download the competitor information sheet.

Interested competitors should contact Chefs Rod Laurentius at 314-849-9434, rlaurentius@sunsetcountryclub.org,  or Dan Holtgrave at 314-963-3006, dan@oldwarson.com. Applications need to be returned no later than September 1st.

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Change in Credit Card Processing Procedures

The Chefs de Cuisine website will no longer accept credit card payments for meetings and special events, as the processing fees used by the website processing provider were climbing. However, we will continue to accept credit card payments at the door for each event, using a moble card reader that has lower processing fees. For all future events, please bring your payment (credit card, cash, or check) with you to the event. Thank you for your understanding.

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Find Us on Facebook Logo

Well, we finally did it. Chefs de Cuisine is now on Facebook - amazingly before the decade was over !!! While this site will remain as our official website for news and event information, Facebook will give us an additional avenue for sharing information wih our members. Additional, Facebook is a much better  site for sharing photos. So though we will continue to post a few photos on this website, whole series of photos in photo albums will be available on Facebook.

So, Follow us on Facebook!

Facebook Thumbs Up Logo

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 Go to our EVENTS page to see details on our upcoming events.

2015 Events Calendar

Survivor Party

Forest Hills CC

MO Student State Comp.
Le Cordon Bleu
Mardi Gras

Andre’s West
 conference logo 15 - 17

ACF NE/SE Regional Conf

Educational Meeting
Mushrooms Locally
Trivia Night
Orlando's (Maryland Hgts)
ACF Central Competitions
Little Rock
AAC Dinner
Forest Hills CC
Educational Meeting
CIS at Hickey College
conference logo 12-14

ACF C/W Regional Conf
 chef logo 20
CMAA Chef’s Night Out

Westborough CC
PFG Student Comp.
Le Cordon Bleu
Spring Salon
L'Ècole Culinaire
Educational Meeting
CIS at Hickey College

Dinner Meeting
The Racquet Club

Golf Tournament
Quarry at Crys Sprngs
Educational Meeting
loc tbd
Educational Meeting
loc tbd
 conference logo 30 - 3
ACF Nat’l Conf.

Purveyor’s Picnic

Tilles Park
Educational Meeting
Missouri Athletic Club
  3 & 4
Sat Sun
COY Challenge

CIS at Hickey College
Oktoberfest at Anheuser Busch Biergarten
COY Dinner
loc Four Seasons Downtown

Educational Meeting

loc tbd
    No events

Dates and Events are subject to change.